Glen View Club


We are pleased to welcome you to Glen View Club. Since 1897, we have established a series of customs and traditions in order to enhance your experience at our Club. We take pride in making every guest feel like a member during their visit. In order to best enjoy your experience, we ask that you please observe the following Club policies:


Club Policies

We are very proud of the heritage and traditions of our club and welcome our guests to enjoy and share that experience.


When You Arrive

You may drop your bag at the bag drop on the north side of the Pro Shop. A member of the golf staff will be there to help you.

After parking your car, please proceed to the Men’s or Ladies Locker Room where a locker will be given to you for changing pre and post round. If your host member has not yet arrived, you are welcome to wait in the Grill or head to the Pro Shop and introduce yourself to our professional staff. They will orient you and direct you to the practice range if you would like to warm up before your round.


Management and sports professionals have been authorized to enforce these rules. All members, guests, family members and parent helpers must adhere to the dress codes.

Golf Attire

Gentlemen: Slacks and Bermuda length shorts are permissible. All shirts must have a collar and be tucked in at all time. Long sleeve mock turtle necks are permitted. Hats must be worn in the proper manner, not sideways or backwards.

Ladies:  Slacks, golf skirts/skorts and shorts of appropriate length, golf shirts either collared or collarless are permissible.

(Cut-offs, athletic shorts, tennis shorts, camping or cargo shorts, denim, swimming and jogging attire, yoga attire, tennis attire, swim attire, tube tops, halter tops, blue jeans, denim shorts, denim tops, jogging attire, or any revealing clothing are not permissible.)

Clubhouse Attire

 "Country Club Casual" dress code is appropriate in the Trophy Room Bar, Pub, Grille Room,  Grille Porch, Bluestone Terrace, West Lounge, Board Room, Library, Chick Evans Room, Glen View Room and Glen View Deck.

Specific Club and private events will dictate attire. The South Porch will be used for formal dining on designated days throughout the year.

Gentlemen:  Slacks, Bermuda length shorts, polo shirts, button down shirts, sweaters and appropriate sportswear.

Ladies: Appropriate slacks, shirts, capris, sweaters and appropriate sportswear.

Children: Dress should be within the guidelines of adults.

(Blue jeans, denim jackets, cargo shorts, tube tops, tee shirts are not appropriate. Males are not permitted to wear hats inside the Clubhouse, except in the golfer's entrance and the men's locker room and must be worn in the proper manner, not sideways or backwards.)

Racquets Attire

Gentlemen:  Appropriate tennis attire, predominately white, and tennis shoes are required. Shirts must have collars or a sports crew neck. Tennis shorts must be proper length.

Ladies:  Appropriate tennis attire, predominately white, and tennis shoes are required.

PLATFORM TENNIS apparel is considered tasteful casual attire (appropriate sweats).

PICKLE BALL apparel is considered tasteful casual attire and doesn't have to be predominately white as tennis.

Swimming Pool Attire

Appropriate pool attire and customary swimwear for men and women. Tee shirts are permitted only in the pool area. Swimwear and bare feet are not allowed in the Clubhouse.

Bare feet and swimming attire are not permitted on the grounds except for around the swimming pool.

All traffic to and from the pool must be on the pathway behind the Clubhouse. The pool area is considered the area that is confined by the wood fence.

(Tank tops or cargo shorts are not permitted.)



Employees are an integral part of the Glen View Club family. Many staff members have been with the Club for many years.
  • Employees should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.
  • Employees do not make the rules but are required by the Board of Directors to see that these rules are respected by members and guests alike.
  • Glen View Club has a no gratuities policy.

Use of Technology

Members and their guests are required to silence their mobile devices in all areas of the Club House and Club grounds. Limited non-verbal communications (texts, emails, etc.) are permitted only in the tennis house, paddle hut, pool house and adjacent pool area, and in the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms. Verbal communications are expressly limited to phone booths and any unused rooms on the second floor of the Clubhouse, or inside your car in the parking lot.

Posting of personal photographs or videos identifying Glen View Club, its members or guests on social media is not permitted. Any written references on social media of Glen View Club, its members, activities and practices that are or might become accessible by the public on social media are not permitted. Members and guests of the Club may not use social or professional media platforms to discuss the Club’s membership, events, policies, rules, by-laws or activities. The publication for commercial purposes of any pictures taken anywhere on the Club’s property identifying Glen View Club is not permitted.


Smoking of tobacco products and e-cigarettes in all Club buildings is prohibited. Smoking is allowed on the 18th Terrace, away from diners as long as it does not disturb other members or guests.

Reciprocal Billing

Purchases at the Pro Shop can be billed through the host member’s account or directly to the member of a reciprocal club. Please inquire at the Pro Shop.


Swimming Pool

All traffic to and from the pool must be on the pathway behind the Clubhouse. The swimming pool area is considered the area that is confined by the wood fence.


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