Glen View Club

Caddie Program

Caddie Training Session #2 - Approved Caddies

Thank you to all of the applicants who came out to our second and final session of caddie training and tryouts.  We had a record number of applicants this year, and unfortunately can only take a certain number of caddies that we feel are the best qualified based on the training sessions and written exam.  Please see the list of caddies who have been approved to caddie at Glen View Club for the 2023 golf season.  Accepted caddies will continue to be evaluated throughout the 2023 golf season.  All incoming caddies should come to the Pro Shop this weekend to purchase any of the recommended uniform items for the season.  If you have any questions, please call the Pro Shop at 847-729-3611.

 Arriola, Erick Guerin, Tom Kramme, Dane Riekse, Ben
 Austin, Chase Hendren, Annabelle Mariani, Luca Saczala, Denis
 Briody, Nora Herrington, Owen Pape, Owen Vasillos, Winston
 Dempsey, Daniel Ingram, Brendan Persohn, William Ward, Chase
 Forsberg, Will Kearney, Liam Prado, Ryan 
 Garvey, Quinn Khalani, Eshan Qualkenbush, Miller 

Caddie applications for the 2023 golf season are now closed.  

Caddies have long been a fixture at Glen View Club, and the rich history with the Evans Scholarship Program began at the Club with Chick Evans founding this life changing scholarship program.  We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to adding a new group of caddies.  

All prospective caddies must be 13 years old as of April 1 (season start date) and not older than 18 years old.  All caddies who wish to apply must complete an application form and sign up for one of the training sessions held in April.  In addition, all potential caddies must complete the Independent Contractor Form. All caddies under the age of 18 will need to have their parent sign this form as well.  The Club has hired a group of professional caddies to conduct this training  Historically, we have a large number of applicants and space will be limited this year to 25 people per session to allow for a smaller group size on the golf course.

Completed applications and independent contractor forms will be accepted during the month of March, and can be emailed to Tim Kvantas at Please indicate which training session you would like to attend on the application.  Upon receipt of these completed forms, a confirmation email will be sent, to confirm the training session for which you are signed up.

In addition to the application, all potential caddies are expected to review the Procedures For Caddies at Glen View Club and Western Golf Association videos in the links below.  Understanding this information will give you the best chance to be selected to caddie at Glen View Club.  Additional caddie information can be found at