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  GVC Scholarship Foundation
Glen View Club Scholarship Foundation

The gift of education so students can lead a choice-filled life.

The Glen View Scholarship Foundation was an idea that grew out of the Club’s desire to tangibly recognize its 100th Anniversary. Doug Petrie suggested it in 1996 and Adrian Kruse was its first executive director. The effort launched in 1997 and has since contributed more than $3,000,000 to the educations of club staff and offspring.

The Foundation’s approach to grantmaking is straightforward. The Board engages as active investors who seek returns in the form of post-secondary diplomas and employment. We follow our Scholars post-graduation so that we can assess the effectiveness of our grant decision making and refine our programs.

Since its founding nearly a quarter century ago, the Foundation and the Glen View members it represents have played an impactful role in the lives of nearly 700 young men and women. “We rise by lifting others” is a concept that underpins the tide of generosity ingrained in the Club’s membership culture.  

The Foundation stands out among other organizations of its kind because it takes a personal interest in its Scholars. Led by Scott Bates from 2008-19, the Board has come to recognize that post-secondary education is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. So, it has created a variety of grants and support mechanisms designed to tailor resources to the specific needs of each Scholar. Our portfolio of services includes:
•    Outright scholarship grants.
•    Incentive scholarship grants based on performance.
•    Leadership grants to recognize outstanding leader skills.
•    Tutoring resources to advance studies in core curriculum.
•    College Success Skills training.
•    Reach Back programs for high school freshman.
•    Voluntary member mentoring.

The effect of these gifts is beyond calculation. There is no measure for the gratification of seeing the spark that ignites learning, propels ambition, and informs self-reliance with humility. Likewise, there is no metric for the gratitude that our Scholars feel for each of you as their benefactors.

The Scholars themselves are the best spokespersons for the Foundation. What they accomplish – in school and after – speaks loudly to the impact that the Club’s members are having on the lives of these young people.

One Scholar summed it up eloquently: “The Foundation is so committed to students’ futures and well-being. With its help, I was able to graduate debt-free, and I’m so grateful for the advice and mentorship along the way.”

A Word to Parents
A famous Illinoisan once observed, “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

This sentiment describes the opportunity that the Glen View Club Scholarship Foundation offers your student. Education is the difference maker in the lives of most young people. It can give wings to our children and fill their lives with meaningful choices.

If you have landed on this page, you have arrived at a place where young people can get help to begin their journey toward careers and lives well-spent. Encourage them to take advantage of the Foundation’s services.

There are criteria, of course. You or your offspring must work for the Club. To qualify, Caddies need to complete 60 “loops” over two consecutive summers, year-round employees need to be working for 24 consecutive months and part time workers need to put in 600 hours.

If these criteria are met, have them complete our online application today. It is an investment in the future that could pay tremendous dividends.

A Word to Members
One of great joys of Glen View Club membership is enjoying the seamless delivery of services from our valued staff. So many are young people with dreams and aspirations that can only be realized through post-secondary education.

As members and contributors, we have the advantage of being non-parental adults who have money to help deliver an education that will propel our young Scholars to their future. The gifts we give to this endeavor not only have purpose, they also have the advantage of enduring value.

For the learning our Scholars acquire can never be taken away from them.  

So please be generous.

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